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Case results

A sampling of results of real personal injury cases handled by our attorneys:

Client required surgery as a result of a car accident with very minor damage to both cars. The insurance company of the at-fault party refused to engage in meaningful negotiations due to the very minor vehicle damage. Within 60 days of our firm filing suit, the insurance company increased the offer by FIVE times the amount of the previous offers. – 2014

Client was injured while feeding neighbor’s animals in an old barn which collapsed under the weight of heavy snow. Despite having no witnesses and very limited initial medical findings, we were able to negotiate a favorable settlement without the need to file suit against the neighbor. – 2008

Client was injured during an apartment fire caused by a tenant in another unit who overloaded an electrical outlet. Client was unable to see through the heavy smoke to exit through the common foyer. Client was forced to jump from his upper floor window. The landlord’s insurance company initially blamed the injuries on the tenant who caused the fire. However, we were able to secure evidence that the management had semi-permanently propped open a fire and smoke door which, if functioning properly, would have prevented accumulation of heavy smoke in the foyer. – 2013

Four clients were injured while riding in a vehicle which was struck by a drunk driver. We were able to secure favorable compensation for each of the clients from both the drunk driver’s insurance company AND from the tavern which continued to serve alcohol to him even after he was visibly intoxicated. – 2010

Client fell and was injured while walking on a snow covered driveway at a federal facility. Negotiations at the local level were fruitless. The local decision to deny the claim was appealed and we were able to favorably resolve the claim without the need for federal litigation. – 2012

Minor child was bitten by neighbor’s dog. Client was able to recover well from the bites with only slightly noticeable scarring. Nonetheless, we successfully negotiated a policy limits settlement with the neighbor’s homeowners insurance. – 2011

Client was injured as a passenger in a vehicle which was struck by a speeding motorcycle. The insurance company of the motorcyclist and the insurance company of the driver of client’s car blamed each other for client’s injuries. Suit was filed against both vehicle operators and we were able to successfully negotiate settlements with both insurance companies. – 2013

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