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Annulment Attorneys You Can Trust

We understand how stressful and emotionally taxing going through a divorce can be. Although few marriages qualify for an annulment, it may be an option depending on your specific circumstances. There are very strict requirements for qualifying for an annulment. Our experienced annulment attorney can assess your situation and help determine whether you are eligible for an annulment, and whether or not it would be the most effective choice for you.

What Is An Annulment?

An annulment is a legal process to end a marriage. Unlike divorce, an annulment treats the marriage as if it were completely erased — it essentially declares that the marriage never existed and was not valid.

The process of having a marriage annulled is simpler than going through a divorce. Because the marriage is considered to never have happened, there are no issues regarding spousal support, division of property or other legal matters that often surround divorce. If your religion requires an annulment to remarry, a civil annulment may allow you do to so.

How To Qualify For An Annulment

Very few marriages qualify for an annulment, and the state of Oregon requires that specific conditions are met before granting one. There are two categories of marriages that can be annulled:

A void marriage is unlawful or invalid under the laws of the jurisdiction where it is entered and is considered invalid from its inception. Marriage involving incest, bigamy or a person who is under the age of consent can all be classified as void marriages.

A voidable marriage can be deemed after an inquiry by the court. Fraud or forced consent are reasons a marriage may be annulled.

The spouse who initiates the annulment must prove that they have the grounds to do so. If grounds for annulment are proven, the marriage is then considered legally null and void by the court. The inquiry into marriages that are void is very simple, as the facts tend to be black and white. The inquiry into voidable marriages is much more complicated — claims of force and fraud can be disputed. To have a voidable marriage annulled, you must convince a judge that the facts support your version of the story.

Our annulment attorney is well-versed in the complexities of family law, and can determine whether or not your marriage is eligible for an annulment. We can also advise you on which legal option for the dissolution of your marriage will best fit your needs.

Contact An Annulment Attorney

If you need help determining whether annulment or divorce would be more appropriate for you, we can help. Call an annulment attorney at Johnson and Taylor at 503-902-9386, or contact us online to schedule a consultation in Salem, Woodburn, Dallas, Keizer, McMinnville, Albany, OR, and other surrounding communities today.