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Case Results – Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

Some of our personal injury results:

Minor client was a pedestrian and injured by a car while in a crosswalk. Ankle surgery was required. We successfully negotiated a personal injury settlement that paid all medical bills and expenses. We were able to place the remaining funds into a conservatorship account where the funds could be protected for the client. – 2016

Client required surgery as a result of a car accident. The insurance company refused to engage in meaningful negotiations and claimed that the accident was too minor to cause serious injury. Within 60 days of our personal injury attorneys filing suit, the insurance company increased the offer by FIVE times the amount of the previous offers. – 2014

Client came to us after receiving a settlement offer of $650.00 from the insurance company.  After presenting the best available evidence and negotiating at length with insurance, we successfully reached an injury settlement that put more than 10 times the original offer into client’s pocket even after all medical bills and attorney fees. -2015

Client injured his finger as a pedestrian when struck by a car – the finger was eventually amputated.  The insurance company denied any wrong doing.  We were able to secure a very reasonable personal injury settlement after much negotiation. – 2014

Elderly client was severely injured in an accident that also took the life of her husband.  We were able to secure two policy limits settlements from the insurance company.  We helped with the estate paperwork and legal filings and were able to get Medicare to relinquish their strong grip on the settlement funds thus enabling final, satisfactory settlement of the claim. – 2014

Client came to us after a previous personal injury attorney was unable to resolve the claim. Client had been injured as a passenger in a friend’s car. The insurance company denied liability and also denied that client could have been hurt. We resolved the case by threatening a lawsuit and attorney fees using ORS 20.080. – 2016

Client was injured while feeding neighbor’s animals in an old barn which collapsed under the weight of heavy snow.  Despite having no witnesses and limited initial medical findings, we were able to negotiate a favorable insurance settlement without the need to file suit against the neighbor. – 2008

Client was severely injured when jumping from his 2nd floor window due to heavy smoke from a fire in a connecting apartment unit.  The landlord’s insurance company blamed everything on the neighbor where the fire originated.  However, our firm secured evidence that the management had propped open a fire and smoke door which, if working properly, would have prevented accumulation of heavy smoke. – 2013

Four clients were injured while riding in a vehicle which was struck by a drunk driver.  We were able to secure favorable compensation for each of the four clients from both the drunk driver’s insurance company AND from the tavern which served the drunk driver. – 2010

Client was injured in a slip and fall incident while walking on a snow covered driveway at a federal medical facility.  The claim was denied at the local level.  We appealed to the federal level and we were able to favorably resolve the claim without the need for costly federal litigation. – 2012

A minor client, while trying to visit his friend, was bitten by a neighbor’s dog causing significant scarring on both legs and other injuries.  We successfully negotiated a policy limits settlement with the neighbor’s homeowners insurance. – 2011

Client was injured after a trip and fall incident on city property. We gave the city proper notice as required by law – see ORS 30.275. The city denied any liability. We were able to secure photographic evidence of their wrong-doing and were able to satisfactorily settle the personal injury claim. – 2016

Client was injured as a passenger in a vehicle which was struck by a speeding motorcycle.  The insurance company of the motorcyclist and the insurance company of the driver of client’s car blamed each other for client’s injuries.  We sued the driver and the motorcyclist and were able to successfully negotiate settlements with both insurance companies. – 2013