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Salem Child Support Lawyers Fight for What You Need for Your Child

We know that providing for your child is important to you

When you have primary physical custody of your children, whether as a divorced or unmarried parent, you deserve a financial contribution from the other parent. Without this help, you could be in danger of serious financial problems and may not be able to provide for the basic needs of your children. At Johnson & Taylor, our Salem, Oregon, attorneys understand how important adequate child support is for your children and works hard to get what you need to provide for him or her.

What factors does the court use to determine the amount of child support?

The court uses a child support guidelines calculator to determine the amount parents should contribute for the care of his or her child. This is only a guideline, and the final authority to determine the amount of child support rests with the judge. Factors that go into determining a child support award include:

  • Income of each parent — Generally, the parent with the higher income must pay the most support.
  • Money each parent needs for self-support — This is subtracted from the income of each parent to determine the money available for support.
  • Basic total support obligation for the child — This is how much total support is needed to provide for the child.
  • Medical support obligation This is additional support required for medical costs.
  • Parenting time More parenting time for the noncustodial parent means less support required from that parent.

While the child support calculation is a bit more mechanical than a spousal support calculation, the court still has the discretion to award an amount it feels is appropriate considering all of the facts. We provide you with the thorough representation you need to ensure that all of the facts are disclosed and that your support award covers the cost of raising your child. We can also help you when financial circumstances change and you need a modification of a child support order.

When does child support end, and can I get child support retroactively?

Child support in Oregon generally ends when the child turns 18, but it can be as late as age 21 if the child is enrolled in school or in a job-training program and making satisfactory progress. In these instances, the support must be paid directly to the child, and that child is now the party who must enforce those payments. Additionally, if a child is disabled, support could be ordered for that child through adulthood. In certain circumstances, child support can end before age 18 if the child gets married, joins the military or becomes legally emancipated in some way.

If you are a single parent, child support is an important part of providing for your child. Support orders are only the first hurdle to overcome, as you may find it necessary to modify an existing order due to changing financial circumstances or to enforce an existing order not being paid. Johnson & Taylor understands child support laws and can help you get what you need to provide for your child.

Let Oregon attorneys work hard for your right to child support

You work hard as a single parent and have a right to expect the other parent to help you with the cost of raising your child. Johnson & Taylor is ready to help you get a fair settlement, modify an existing settlement or collect on support not being paid. We know the law and your rights. Our Salem, Oregon, office is conveniently next to the courthouse. Contact us at 503-990-6641 or online.