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Divorce Lawyers In Oregon

Issues surrounding divorce can be emotionally, financially, and even physically draining. Whether you’re seeking a no-fault uncontested divorce or need to hash things out in mediation or court, our team can help you make sense of it all. Our divorce lawyers are here to take some of the weight off your shoulders, guide you through the process with compassion, and provide the top-notch legal representation you need to reach an equitable agreement.

Divorce In Oregon

It’s important to understand your rights under Oregon divorce law. To file for divorce in Oregon, at least one spouse must be a resident of the state for six months before filing. Oregon is a no-fault divorce state, which means that regardless of your spouse’s behavior, you can’t assert that their wrongdoing was the cause of your divorce. Instead, most divorces in Oregon are based on the grounds that spouses have irreconcilable differences that have led to the breakdown of their marriage. Our divorce attorneys assess your situation and provide personalized, practical solutions that help you feel empowered to deal with any legal issues that may come your way during a divorce.

Equitable Division

Oregon is an equitable division state, which means that each spouse owns the income they earn during a marriage. Each person also has the right to manage any property that’s solely in their name. Although equitable division sounds like a straightforward process, dividing marital assets can be complex. Depending on certain factors, a judge may divide marital property in a manner that they consider to be fair, but it won’t necessarily be equal as in “split down the middle.” Our tenacious divorce lawyers understand the ins and outs of Oregon law. We work tirelessly to ensure that the division of property and determination of spousal support in any divorce ends up being fair.

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Divorce, Separation, And Annulment

Contested divorce: In a contested divorce, things can get messy. Typically, parties don’t agree on most of the terms that are put forth and may end up slugging it out in court. Because contested divorces can often be time-consuming and expensive, it’s critical to hire an experienced divorce attorney to handle your case if you and your spouse are not on good terms.

Uncontested divorce: When both parties agree on the terms of the divorce, this can be a quick, easy and economical solution. Uncontested divorces can often be completed in a matter of a few weeks. Our attorneys at Johnson & Taylor perform several uncontested divorces each month and can help you accomplish a quick, amicable and relatively inexpensive divorce.

Legal Separation: If you and your spouse are considering a separation but aren’t ready to file for divorce, legal separation can be an effective solution to protect the rights of everyone involved. A legal separation is filed with the court and addresses various matters, such as finances, property division, and child custody, much like divorce does. Although a separation agreement is legally binding, it doesn’t dissolve your marriage.

Annulment: Like divorce, an annulment ends a marriage, but an annulment voids the marriage completely, treating it as if it never happened. Grounds for annulment include fraud and unwittingly marrying someone who was still married to another person.


One of the most common, cost-effective ways of resolving issues in a divorce is through mediation. A mediator is a neutral third party who meets with both spouses to help them work out a settlement. A mediator doesn’t represent anyone’s interests. They’re simply there to facilitate negotiations and help both parties come to an agreement, so it’s still a good idea to have a divorce lawyer by your side to help should any issues arise during mediation.

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Our divorce lawyers at Johnson & Taylor can help you determine which type of divorce best meets your needs and budget. We offer low-cost initial consultations and flexible payment plans. Our team is dedicated to helping families navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of divorce, alimony, child custody, and child support. Members of our family law team are fluent in Spanish and serve clients in Marion, Polk, Linn, and Yamhill counties. Contact us online or call 503-990-6641 to schedule a consultation with one of our divorce attorneys today.