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Gresham, OR — Police and Medical Teams Respond to Pin-In Crash with Injuries on NE 181/Oregon

Gresham, OR — Police and EMTs Respond to Pin-In Crash with Injuries on NE 181/Oregon

Portland, OR (August, 10) — Yesterday, Tuesday, August 9th, at approximately noon, a pin-in crash with injuries was reported on NE 181/Oregon

Fire, police, and medical teams all arrived on the scene where they administered aid to the injured.

Police investigations are still in their early stages at the time of writing. As such, the names of the victims and the extent of their injuries are currently unknown.

Our hearts are with the victims and their families, as we wish them all the best of luck in recovering from this unfortunate accident.

Injury Accidents in the State of Oregon

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Many accidents are unfortunately caused by the carelessness of other drivers. Things like reckless and irresponsible driving account for a significant portion of crashes every year. Drunk driving, distracted driving, and speeding are among the most common types of reckless driving that cause accidents in Oregon.

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