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James grew up in Salem, Oregon and graduated from Sprague High School in 2007. The following years saw him serve a church service mission in Southern France, where he learned to speak French fluently and enjoyed helping others through their trials. On return he attended Brigham Young University – Idaho and obtained a bachelor’s in political science.

This led him back to Salem where he attended Willamette University College of Law. During his time in law school, he worked at the Marion County District Attorney’s Office, where he was able to obtain invaluable experience in the court room representing the State of Oregon and various victims of criminal behavior. He graduated law school and passed the Oregon State Bar in 2018.

James subsequently moved to California where he practiced federal consumer protection law. He has litigated and appeared before federal courts in hundreds of cases against large banking institutions and various debt collectors. He has always taken pride in representing the “little guy” and ensuring they are not taken advantage of. Now James has returned to Salem and is channeling his experience into personal injury cases, where he again ensures clients obtain what is rightfully theirs due to their injuries and suffering.

James lives in Salem with his wife Dezi, and son, Atlas. He enjoys spending time with them, traveling when able, and catching the latest films and movies at IMAX. He also enjoys all types of sports and games, including basketball and F1 racing.