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What to look for when you want the best possible personal injury attorney

If you’re looking to retain the best possible personal injury attorney in the greater Portland area, there are several things you should take into consideration:

Experience. Personal injury law is a very specialized area of practice. Because of this, experience does count in comparison to other more general parts of the legal system. An experienced personal injury attorney is going to have a deep understanding of the role of negligence, causation, statutes of limitation and other areas that will be relevant to your situation. As part of your screening process, make sure you ask about similar cases that the attorney has handled, their success rate and if they have experience in the particular court system you want your case heard.

Reputation. Many times, a battle is won before it is even fought. An attorney with an outstanding reputation, or one who is known for aggressive fighting for their clients when dealing with insurance companies, health care providers and opposing attorneys may be able to gain advantages that can translate to a bigger settlement in a shorter amount of time.

Objectivity. Personal injury cases are often fraught with emotion, and an attorney who is able to cut through the volatile nature of things and focus on the facts will score big points in front of a judge, jury and opposing lawyers. That objectivity also means you’re more likely to get a get a full settlement as well, instead of an attorney who is just out for a quick payday.

Focus. It is in your best interests to find an attorney who focuses almost exclusively on personal injury cases. That focus means that their skills and mindset will be fully engaged when dealing with your case, and that they will be up-to-date regarding personal injury laws and cases.

Negotiation skills. Most all personal injury cases are settled before they go to trial. While a good attorney must be ready to go to trial, in the vast majority of instances, attorneys for both the plaintiff and the defendant will end up negotiating a settlement. An attorney who is skilled in negotiating stands the best chance of winning a settlement that is the most favorable for their client.

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