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Oregon Attorneys Help You Modify and Enforce Your Child and Spousal Support Orders

We are ready to assist you when your circumstances change

Changing financial and family circumstances can make a current order, which was once an accurate representation of the needs of the parties, become unfair. Additionally, if the other party is not honoring your current court order, you have the right to go to court to get the person to pay the fair share. From their law office in Salem, Oregon, the lawyers at Johnson & Taylor deal with these issues regularly and have the knowledge of family law needed to get your case to court so you can have your divorce decree enforced or modified.

What are some of the reasons to modify a child or spousal support order?

The most common reason for modification of child support or spousal support is a change in financial circumstances or a change in how much parenting time one parent has with the child. Reasons for child and spousal support modifications include:

  • The child is spending more or less time with either parent.
  • The person with enhanced earning capacity makes a good-faith career change that results in less income.
  • The income of the person with enhanced earning capacity is reduced due to circumstances beyond the person’s control.
  • There is a change in either party’s standard of living, such as remarriage or having more children.
  • There is a change in either party’s health that affects income.
  • One percent recently qualified for other income, such as Social Security or a pension
  • A minor child has become self-supporting, emancipated or married.
  • A child between the ages of 18 and 21 has stopped attending school.

These types of changes happen all of the time, so modifications of prior orders common. However, petitioning the court is a process best done with the help of a knowledgeable attorney. Johnson & Taylor’s knowledge of family law and client-centered, energetic representation get your modification request the attention it deserves.

What you need to do to get your child support order enforced

Child support is most often paid voluntarily, but when one parent fails to pay the required support, the custodial parent can go to the justice department or local district attorney to force payment. Some of the methods the state uses to get you your money are:

  • Taking tax returns or other government payments
  • Placing a lien on property held in Oregon
  • Garnishing income and bank accounts
  • Suspending government licenses (e.g., driver license or passport)
  • Reporting the person’s debt to credit bureaus
  • Instituting contempt of court and jail time for extreme cases

You have a right to receive support for raising your child. When your child’s other parent stops paying you, you need to put the power of the government on your side. Johnson & Taylor knows how the process works and makes getting payment easier for you.

Why would a court modify a child custody order?

Usually this takes a substantial change in circumstances except when the couple agreed to joint custody and now one parent wants sole custody, in which case, it is handled like an initial sole custody inquiry. Some of the major circumstances that may lead to modification of custody include:

  • The child is not adapting well to the current parenting time order.
  • One parent is exercising substantially more or less parenting time than is ordered in the current parenting time order.
  • Gross moral misconduct by the custodial parent
  • Neglect of the child
  • Subjecting the child to danger or criminal behavior
  • Instability of the custodial parent
  • Relocation farther than 60 miles if shown not to be in the best interests of child

Nothing is more important than the well-being of your child. Fortunately, the state feels the same way and can modify custody if it is in the best interests of the child. Johnson & Taylor has the skills required to ensure that the court hears your side of the story so your child can have the best home environment possible.

Let Salem attorneys seek the results so crucial to you and your child

Even if you got everything you wanted from a divorce decree does not mean you are always going to feel that way. Financial and parenting circumstances can change in the blink of an eye, making the modification of a once-fair divorce decree necessary. Additionally, the greatest support order in the world is no good if the other party refuses to pay. Johnson & Taylor is aware of the changing nature of family dynamics and is prepared to help you with the enforcement or modification of your divorce decree. Contact us at 503-990-6641 or online.