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More personal injury case results

A sample of recent personal injury claims successfully resolved:

Client came to us after being severely injured in a pedestrian vs. car collision.  Three months after the accident, client still had not been able to find any insurance or other relevant details about the at-fault driver.  Client did not have uninsured motorist coverage because client did not drive.  Client was injured and had medical bills piling up; client felt hopeless.  Within a few weeks of calling our office, we found applicable automobile insurance and, within a few months of calling our office, we were able to secure a policy limits offer as well as confirming that the medical bills were being processed and paid.

Clients were involved in a major accident which required one client to have multiple surgeries with medical bills amounting to more than $115,000.  We were able to secure essential services for clients – clients did not work outside the home and needed in-home assistance with chores,etc.  We also received a policy limits settlement from the at-fault driver and a policy limits settlement from client’s underinsured motorist protection.  Additionally, Medicare claimed a substantial reimbursement right from the settlements.  We negotiated with Medicare to significantly reduce its claim and, thereafter, resolved clients’ insurance claims.

Client contacted our office with only 4 months remaining before the two-year personal injury claim deadline.  Client’s doctor eventually suggested surgery but client was hesitant because of his past, similar surgeries.  Client ultimately decided on surgery but the insurance company disputed that the need for surgery was caused by the accident in part due to client’s surgical history and significant delay in having the injury evaluated after the accident.  We were able to secure a policy limits offer from the at-fault driver’s insurance company as well as an underinsured motorist settlement, all before having to spend money on litigation.

Client was injured when stepping out of a vehicle onto a walkway/sidewalk which was made of bricks.  Some of the bricks were loose and caused client to fall.  The walkway was owned by the city.  We gave proper and timely notice to the city as required by law.  The city initially denied any liability on its part.  The city also disputed the extent of the injuries and part of the medical bills.  Eventually, we were able to resolve the claim to include compensation for client’s pain and suffering and payment of all medical expenses.

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