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Multiple Vehicle Accident Attorneys in Oregon

Multiple vehicle crashes can happen in the blink of an eye. Pile-up car accidents can be particularly severe and result in serious injury or death. At Johnson and Taylor, our personal injury lawyers have a proven record of success in handling these complex cases and are well-versed in determining car accident fault. We help injured car accident victims throughout Oregon recover the compensation they need to move on with their lives.

Types of Multi-Vehicle Accidents in Oregon

Typically, multiple-vehicle crashes happen when two vehicles collide and the cars behind them are unable to stop. These accidents are often caused by:

Rear-end crashes – Although many rear-end accidents are minor, they can set off a chain reaction which leads to a multi-car pileup. Following too closely, failing to pay attention to the road, and speeding often lead to serious rear-end crashes.

Construction or sudden stops on the highway – Making a sudden stop at a high speed on a freeway due to obstructions or stopped construction vehicles can also result in deadly multiple-vehicle crashes.

Accidents at intersections Unfortunately, running stop signs, red lights, or failing to yield the right of way at an intersection are common causes of multiple-vehicle accidents. It can be challenging to sort out who is at fault in these situations. Our vehicle accident lawyers know how to collect vital evidence and put it all together to determine who is at fault.

Lane crossing – Veering into a lane of oncoming traffic is a common cause of fatal accidents. Drowsiness, distracted driving, reckless passing of other vehicles, and other factors are often involved in these types of multi-car accidents.

Our vehicle accident lawyers have successfully handled injury lawsuits in cases involving drunk drivers, distracted driving, drowsy driving, large trucks, speeding, inclement weather, and reckless driving.

Obtaining Compensation from Multiple Sources

It’s common for several insurers to be involved in multiple-vehicle crashes. When you’re trying to focus on your recovery, dealing with this can be a nightmare. Our personal injury lawyers identify all possible sources of compensation, pursue damages, handle all negotiations with insurance companies, and fight to help you recover maximum compensation for your injuries and losses.

Types of Damages in Multi-Car Accident Cases

Serious injuries and loss of life often occur in multiple-vehicle crashes. Lengthy hospital stays, surgeries, rehabilitation, and long-term care can put victims and their families in financial peril. Our vehicle accident attorneys work to help you recover damages such as:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Wage loss and loss of earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of companionship and consortium

If you have suffered the loss of a loved one in a multi-car accident, you may be able to file a wrongful death claim against any liable parties. Our personal injury lawyers thoroughly investigate your case and advise you of your options.

Why Choose Our Vehicle Accident Attorneys?

Cases involving multiple vehicles can get complicated very quickly. Without competent and experienced legal representation, you may not recover the full amount of compensation to which you may be entitled. It can be challenging to prove fault in these cases, especially if you are unfamiliar with the nuances of personal injury law.

Our law firm has a solid reputation with our clients and the legal community in Oregon. Although you may think the best way to find a good personal injury attorney is to hire a large firm with lawyers who make big settlement promises, our personal injury lawyers give you a realistic assessment of your case and explain the possibilities for compensation. We tell you what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear. We give straightforward legal advice you can trust and won’t waste your time or money going after unattainable goals. Our vehicle accident lawyers help you understand your options and fight for your rights while keeping you informed about your case at every stage. You won’t pay attorneys’ fees unless we help you get compensation. Our personal injury lawyers serve clients in Salem, Eugene, Bend, the Oregon Coast, Medford, and throughout the state of Oregon. To find out if our personal injury attorneys are right for you, check out our online reviews and give us a call.

Contact Our Vehicle Accident Lawyers in Oregon

At Johnson and Taylor, we care about you and your family and strive to make things right for those who have been hurt due to no fault of their own. Our dedicated team includes attorneys fluent in Spanish. Contact us online or call 503-990-6641 to schedule a free consultation with a vehicle accident lawyer in Oregon. In addition to handling personal injury cases, the team at Johnson and Taylor also helps clients in cases involving divorce and family law and estate planning and probate.