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Please do not disregard advisory signs!

An article from Koin.com in Portland reminds all of us to take note and follow the advisory speeds posted on highways and other roads:

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Another crash happened late Thursday morning on the ramp from I-5 to Highway 217.

No one was hurt in the rollover. A fire truck happened to be in the area and helped the man out of the car.

It was the second incident of the day at that spot, and adds to the number of accidents on the ramp in recent times.

Monday morning, a driver slammed into the corner wall after taking the ramp too fast.

Don Hamilton with the Oregon Department of Transportation said they noticed the problem.

“At 35 miles an hour, anybody driving along there should not have a problem along in there,” he said. “”If motorists followed the advisory speed in that area there would be a lot fewer problems in there.”

The driver in the Thursday incident told KOIN 6 News he was likely going faster than the 35 mph advisory, but said he lost control when he hit the bridge joint metal connector between the concrete slabs.

Tigard police issued him a speeding ticket. He said the officer told him if he was driving the advised speed his accident would not have happened.

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