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Portland, OR — Accident with Injuries on SE 112th Ave, a Few Blocks South of Powell Blvd Causes Delays

Portland, OR — Accident with Injuries on SE 112th Ave, a Few Blocks South of Powell Blvd Causes Delays

Portland, OR (July 19) — According to reports from authorities, a crash that occurred around 7:09 am this morning, Tuesday, July 19th, caused some delays on SE 112th Ave.

Emergency crews were promptly dispatched to the scene of the accident where they then administered medical care for all the parties involved. According to reports, at least one patient was transported.

At the time of reporting, we are unable to identify the victims or the severity of their injuries.

Our thoughts are with those involved and we hope that all parties make a speedy recovery.

Multi-Vehicle Crashes in Oregon

Unfortunately, an injury can easily turn your life upside-down and make an already tough situation a lot worse. Over 3 million accidents happen every year in the USA, and we see over 27% of that number injured each year in Oregon.  Many of these accidents are caused by Irresponsible and reckless drivers.

With more than one vehicle involved in an accident, it increases the likelihood of injury. When somebody is hurt, it often affects their physical as well as their financial state of well-being. Missing work can have a significant financial impact and add undue stress on the victim and those around them.

There can be many causes of accidents. Speeding, reckless driving, and drunk driving are just some examples. Even if the accident isn’t entirely your fault, it is possible to be financially liable for a similar incident at a later date.

Oregon is one of the best states for people injured in car accidents to file suit. If you were hurt, it’s important to be knowledgeable about your rights so that you can get fair compensation, which is why hiring a lawyer can be critical to the process.

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