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Portland, OR — Cyclist Injured In Collision With Car on NE Grand and NE Holladay

Portland, OR — Cyclist Injured In Collision With Car on Grand Ave and Holladay St

Portland, OR (August, 5) — Today, Friday, August 5th, at approximately 3:00 pm, a cyclist and car collided on Grand Avenue and Holladay Street.

Both fire and medical teams were dispatched to the scene where they administered aid. The extent of the injuries sustained is not currently known. 

The names of the victims are currently unavailable as investigations are still in their early stages.

Our thoughts are with the injured victims. We hope they make a full and complete recovery.  

Car Crash Injuries in the State of Oregon. 

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Every year in Oregon, approximately 31,000 people suffer injuries from auto accidents. That’s a lot of people, and it can be a little unnerving knowing that many of those accidents were caused by actions outside of the victim’s control. 

Unfortunately, one of the most common causes of auto accidents is the reckless and irresponsible driving of other people on the road. Speeding, distracted driving, and driving under the influence are all common factors in Oregon auto accidents.

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