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Portland, OR — Emergency Crews Respond to Crash with Injuries on N. Marine Dr near Jantzen Beach

Portland, OR — Emergency Crews Respond to Crash with Injuries on N. Marine Dr near Jantzen Beach

Portland, OR (August, 8) — Earlier this morning, Monday, August 8th, at approximately 6:45 a.m., an auto accident with injuries was reported on N. Marine Dr near Jantzen Beach.

Emergency crews were quickly dispatched to the scene, administering aid to the victims. 

Police are currently investigating this incident, and at the time of reporting, the names of the victims and the extent of their injuries are unavailable.

Our thoughts are with the victims and their families. We hope they receive a full recovery.

Injury Accidents in the State of Oregon. 

Auto accidents are a fact of life and something that can happen to anyone at nearly any time. Even though auto accidents are such a common occurrence, not many people ever assume it will happen to them, nor are most people prepared to deal with the injuries that can occur. 

Luckily for Oregonians, Oregon is one of the most accommodating states for personal injury claims. The state of Oregon sees approximately 31,000 people sustain significant injuries every year from auto accidents. What makes this statistic more unnerving is the fact that many of these victims were not responsible for causing the accident that they were injured in.

Reckless and irresponsible driving is one of the most significant elements of an auto accident, and also the most difficult to be prepared for and react to. Drunk driving, distracted driving, and speeding are all common forms of reckless driving that exist on Oregon roads.

The good news is that even if you are partially at fault in an Oregon auto accident, it is still within the realm of possibilities to receive compensation for whatever damages you have suffered. Consulting with an experienced Oregon personal injury attorney can help you navigate your rights and receive your rightful compensation.

Having a personal injury lawyer by your side is important because injuries have consequences outside of just physical pain. Beyond pain, injuries are also expensive. Expenses like doctor visits, ambulance transportation, surgery, physical therapy, and other costs can quickly add up into a stressful financial burden. 

If medical bills and costs weren’t enough, auto accident injury victims often miss out on their normal work shifts. Losing out on wages that a victim would otherwise count on earning, add even more financial stress to an already incredibly stressful situation.

It is important not to allow yourself to feel stuck or trapped in medical debt because of your injuries. Remember that there is always a path forward, and a severe injury does not have to dictate your future. Our team of highly qualified attorneys can help guide you through this process and show you just how many options are still available to you.

Even though, as an injury victim, this is likely the most overwhelming time in your life, hiring a lawyer can be exactly the action necessary to get everything in your life back on track. Trying to deal with insurance companies and the courts while also dealing with an injury is too tall of an order for nearly anyone.

Here at Johnson & Taylor, we strongly believe that all victims of auto accidents should be able to focus on their healing and process the entire situation in peace. It is unlikely for you to receive your maximum possible compensation on your own. Our team has years of experience dealing with insurance agents and the courts, and we know how to be tough negotiators.  

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