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Prineville, OR — Collision Involving Drunk Driver on N Main St and Terrace Ln Sends 6 to Hospital

Prineville, OR — Collision Involving Drunk Driver on N Main St and Terrace Ln Sends 6 to Hospital

Prineville, OR (August, 9) — According to reports from officials, a 45-year-old man was arrested Saturday, August 9th for his involvement in a crash that took place at about 1:25 p.m. The man was charged with drunken and reckless driving among other charges, while six victims were rushed to an area hospital. The incident occurred at the intersection of N Main Street and Terrace Land.

Official investigations concluded that the driver of a 2014 GMC pickup truck had crossed over the center line before turning left when he collided head-on with a small Dodge SUV headed south on Main Street.

The operator of the pickup truck was rushed to St. Charles Prineville where he was evaluated for injuries, before being sent to Crook County Jail on various charges including DUI, third-degree assault, reckless driving and recklessly endangering another person.

Five other victims on the scene were transported to St. Charles Prineville as well, where they were evaluated and treated.

Our thought are with the injured victims. We hope for their full recovery.  

Reckless and Drunk Driving in the State of Oregon. 

Auto accidents happen fast and are not something anybody ever hopes or expects to be involved in. Sadly though, injury crashes are a part of life and happen every day. Some accidents are avoidable though. 

Paying attention while driving, obeying speed limits, and being cautious are all great preventive measures. However, some accidents, especially ones involving intoxicated drivers, aren’t as easy to avoid.

The good news is, for Oregonians, Oregon is considered to be one of the most accommodating states for personal injury claims. Every year in Oregon, roughly 31,000 people are injured in auto accidents. 

Sustaining injuries from an auto accident involving a drunk driver can be quite tough for the victim. Not only do they have to cope with whatever physical pain they are in, but they can also miss out on work, and rack up significant amounts of medical debt which makes the situation they’re in that much worse. 

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