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Inventory of Estate Assets and Last Will & Testament with Stack of Coins and Keys

Oregon Probate Attorneys

At Johnson and Taylor, our experienced probate attorneys are familiar with the probate process and know how to assist you with the administration of trusts and estates if you have been named the executor of an estate. We can also represent clients in contested probate matters if you feel the need to challenge a person’s last will and testament. For more information, contact us so we can answer any questions or concerns you have.

Oregon Probate Process

Probate laws vary from state to state, so when planning a will in Oregon, it’s important it abides by state laws. When a loved one passes away, a probate petition is filed along with the original will. The loved one’s belongings are distributed according to the will. In the event no will exists, the loved one’s belongings are distributed in accordance with state laws. We can help you sort through the original will and file the probate petition on your behalf.

The entire probate process can take a minimum of four months from the original filing to the closure of the estate. There are a few issues that can lengthen the time of probate, including selling the estate’s property.

Other Probate Issues

Contested wills, property transfers and guardianships are all issues that we can address as your probate attorney. If you feel a loved one’s will should be contested, you can contact us with all the issues and we can discuss your options. For property held by the deceased or jointly held by the deceased and another family member, we can help you change the legal ownership. If you have a family member who is not able to make financial decisions due to age or health reasons, we can assist you in establishing a guardianship or a conservatorship.

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With so many details to take care of, you can trust the caring attorneys at our law offices to handle your probate case with professionalism and care. Contact us today to learn about your available options.