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If you live in Keizer or the Marion County area and are a victim of physical or threatened abuse, you may be able to get a restraining order to prevent the individual from having further contact.  Conversely, sometimes a restraining order is obtained by using false allegations.  At the law offices of Johnson and Taylor, we help answer any questions you have regarding your case to see if a restraining order is the best option or whether you have grounds to contest a restraining order issued against you.

Requirements For A Restraining Order

The Oregon Family Abuse Prevention Act allows you to obtain protection from domestic violence by your abuser. This act also lets you file for protection without filing for separation or divorce. We can see if your situation fits the criteria under the Family Abuse Prevention Act.

Protection Order Benefits

A restraining order is a court order that prevents the person who has threatened or hurt you from contacting you. It can make the offending person leave your home and stay away from family members, your place of employment, home, school or your children’s day care provider. This protection order can also provide police protection while the individual removes their belongings from your home. We know how important your safety and that of your loved ones is, and we are here to help you file a restraining order to submit to the court.

What To Expect After Filing

Once the restraining order has been filed, a court date is given for a judge to go over your paperwork. If the judge grants the protection order, it is enforceable throughout the state of Oregon.  If you wish to respond and contest a restraining order filed against you, there are certain deadlines that must be met.

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If you or an immediate family member in Keizer or Marion County is being threatened or abused, it’s important to seek help and safety immediately. We help you go over your options and assist you in filing the order of protection. In the alternative, if you have had a restraining order filed against you based on false or inaccurate allegations, we can assist you in contesting the restraining order and having it removed.  Contact us to schedule an appointment for a free consultation where we can address any questions and concerns you may have.