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Seeking damages as part of a personal injury case

When you or a loved one is involved in an accident that was caused by the negligence of another party, you can bring a claim to recover damages. How much and what kind of damages all depends on the particular circumstances of your case. Another important factor is choosing the right personal injury lawyer who can best represent your interests.

We can help collect several different types of compensation on your behalf. These can include:

• Lost wages and compensation for the future loss of wages, which is especially important where there are permanent injuries.

• Coverage for medical costs, including hospital and doctor visits, prescription medications, medical equipment and anything else related to the care required to restore you to your former health. This may also include payments for long-term care to assist you with everyday tasks.

• Pain, suffering, inconvenience, and frustration. We can help evaluate how much can reasonably be expected when trying to settle your case.

• If a person dies, an attorney will also be able to seek funds for a loss of care, companionship and love.

• Disfigurement and embarrassment, if a person suffers injuries such as burns or scars or has one or more limbs amputated, or the injury results in paralysis and confinement to a wheelchair.

To save themselves money, insurance companies often attempt to contact injured parties early in a case and seek a quick settlement. While this sometimes looks attractive on the surface, it could be an offer that is well below what you might be entitled to and play into the insurance company’s hands of trying to minimize the impact of your claim on their business.

In all instances, it is best to let us work with the opposing side to bring about a fair settlement, even if that involves playing hardball and extending the amount of time it takes to reach a settlement.

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