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Portland and Salem Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers Get Results for You

We let you know if you have a case

If you were injured while falling as a result of unsafe conditions, you may be entitled to compensation from those responsible for keeping that area safe. The team at Johnson & Taylor listens carefully to your story, assesses the merits of your case and fights for the compensation you deserve. If the facts don’t present the basis for a case, we give you an honest answer and don’t waste your time and money fighting a claim you can’t win.

Who is liable if I am injured in a slip and fall accident?

Who is liable usually depends on where the accident happens. Places where slip and fall injuries are common include:

  • Public places of businessHotels, restaurants, stores, supermarkets and office buildings, including parking lots and other surrounding areas
  • Private property Houses, yards, walkways, driveways, etc.
  • Public property Government-maintained areas, such as sidewalks, parks, government buildings and roads

Oregon law imposes a duty on most property owners to make their premises adequately safe for those invited to enter the property. There is also a duty to warn people of known conditions that could lead to an accident or injury (e.g., a warning sign for a milk spill in a supermarket). The government is also required to live up to these standards regarding much of the public property and buildings it maintains.

If you are injured at a place of business or in a government-maintained area, you may have a premises liability claim. If you think you have a valid claim, it is important that you consult our capable injury attorneys who can look at the facts and determine if you have a case. Johnson & Taylor can handle your premises liability case and stand up to businesses and the government in seeking a proper settlement.

Conditions that cause most slip and fall injuries

Some of the conditions that routinely lead to slip and fall accidents are:

  • Wet or slippery surfaces — Some surfaces are somewhat slippery when dry, but become dangerously slippery when wet (e.g., highly polished floors and shiny tile). Slippery conditions can result from a spill, environmental issues that have not been properly addressed or a lack of adequate drainage.
  • Insufficient or inadequate lighting An improperly lit area can hide hazardous conditions and hinder your field of vision, making steps, obstructions or pathways difficult to navigate safely.
  • Changes in elevation Curbs, cracks in the sidewalk, ramps and even single steps can settle or change from their original design and cause a step and fall accident.
  • Housekeeping issues in working and walking areas Clutter, obstructions and working materials can block common pathways and walking areas, leading to slips, falls or trips.

The causes of slip and fall injuries are varied and may lead to bruises, scrapes, broken bones, head and brain injuries, and even death. If you sustained injuries requiring medical attention, you need our knowledgeable personal injury attorneys at Johnson & Taylor that know the law, gather facts and work to get you a fair settlement.

Rely on Oregon slip and fall lawyers

The attorneys at Johnson & Taylor are knowledgeable professionals who can evaluate your potential case and work to get you the compensation you deserve after a slip and fall injury. We deal personally with every one of our clients and give straightforward answers. We want you to get fair compensation for your injuries. Our main office in Salem is conveniently located close to public transportation and public parking. Contact us at 503-990-6641  or online.