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Updated Personal Injury Case Results

Client came to us after receiving a settlement offer of $650.00 (plus medical expenses) from the at-fault insurance company. Client had been involved in a “sandwich” collision – client’s vehicle was rear-ended and pushed into another vehicle in front of them. Client received appropriate medical care for ongoing pains; eventually, a specialist was simply unable to link the ongoing radiating pains to the accident itself. However, after presenting the best evidence available and negotiating at length with the insurance, we successfully reached an insurance settlement that put more than 10 times the original offer into client’s pocket even after all medical bills and attorney fees! – 2015

Client injured his knee in a car accident while working. Surgery was required to repair the knee damage. The insurance adjuster, who claimed to have significant experience in handling cases involving knee injuries, claimed that the specific type of knee injury that occurred could not have been caused by the accident. The workers compensation doctor had a similar opinion and claimed that the majority of the knee injury was caused by pre-existing arthritic conditions. After the insurance company would not make a reasonable offer, we filed suit and continued to advocate that the knee surgery was caused by the accident, despite the opinion of the insurance adjuster and the workers compensation doctor. Ultimately, we were able to convince the insurance company of our position and thereafter reached a settlement. – 2016

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