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Updated Personal Injury Case Results

A sampling of recent personal injury cases handled by our attorneys:

Client injured his finger as a pedestrian when attempting to get out of the way of vehicle that was backing into him with little warning. Multiple surgeries failed and the finger was eventually amputated. The driver’s insurance company denied any wrong-doing on the part of the driver claiming that our client had responsibility to be on the lookout for cars while walking through a parking lot. Client’s own insurance company paid a portion of the medical bills as required by Oregon Law. We were able to convince the at fault party’s insurance company to pay substantially the rest of the medical bills, in addition to a reasonable settlement after much negotiation. – 2014

Client came to us after being represented by another law firm for several months. Client was unhappy that she still had not received any compensation from the bad driver’s insurance company for her vehicle that was damaged in an accident. We sent a demand based on ORS 20.080 for client’s property damages. See ORS 20.080. Within the time prescribed by this statute, we were able to settle client’s claim against the insurance carrier for full fair market value of the vehicle, loss of use of the vehicle (inability to use the vehicle from the time of the accident), and payment of the towing and storage bill. We also successfully negotiated the towing and storage bill to only about 1/2 of the original amount. – 2014

Client was severely injured in an accident that also took the life of her husband. We were able to secure two policy limits settlements from the at fault party’s insurance company on behalf of the wife and the husband’s estate. For the deceased husband’s death claim, we successfully petitioned the court for approval and eventual disbursement of the settlement to the client (the wife of the the deceased). For the wife’s claim, Medicare claimed a lien, or reimbursement right, in an amount that exceeded the insurance proceeds by more than 133%, before reducing this amount to only about 65%. However, we were able to properly secure a further reduction to only about 34%, thus enabling final, satisfactory settlement of the claim. – 2014

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